Come explore the wonders of ancient healing sound. Explore the healing music and bath salts created with pure essential oils, sea salt, Epson salts and ancient sound.

Most of us are aware of Einstein’s concept of relativity, and from that perspective comes the concept that all things are energy. Therefore can we conclude we are energy in vibration? There are concepts in which it is consider each of us has our own “harmonic” frequency. This opens a world of speculation and wonder. What did the “ancient ones” know?

From the beginning of time sound has seemed to played an important part in the ancient cultures. Music and sound play a relative part in our modern world as well.  There are discussions and reports of the impact of sound waves and frequencies on our physical and emotional bodies.  There are hundreds of books and scientific study, from Pythagoras to Jonathan Goldman, from Tom Kenyon’s “Brain States” to Dr. Jenny’s “Cymatics” to the Monroe Institute to mention a few. Are sound and frequencies an intrinsic part of our existence, if so how?  

Sound was used as a healing modality in the ancient times, and today sound is being used in medicine in the form of MRI”S and procedures using certain frequencies to break apart kidney stones. Sound was and is used to induce trances and in our modern world it has been used to manipulate thought.

Chants are used to enhance meditation, and guide you on shamanic and mystical journeys. Sounds like music can be inspirational, and sounds such as sirens can invoke a sense of fear.

Mary Eberspacher, “Tonal Alchemist” intuitionally uses sound in her “intentional healing CD’s to inspire and invoke healing and restoration of the human harmonic balance and a general state of well being. She has been inspired to utilize sound to create extraordinary bath salts, allowing you to experience a “total sound bath”.

So come join us in our continuing exploration of sound.